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*** Artists Board ***

:earth: To obtain a Ticket just ask for them :earth:

:icondf-silverticket: :bulletblack: Can submit 1 art a day (instant aprove)
:icondf-goldticket: :bulletgreen: Can submit unlimited art (instant aprove)
(if you dont have a ticket your art might be in lines until little by little is aproved)


:target: If you get a ticket, you will be able to use it in any of the Official Afiliates
:earth: Official Afiliates :earth:

:heart: Eventualy Silver tickets can be upgraded to Gold tickets

:damphyr: Oh,if you are in this list and you dont have access or cant submit, just note me so I can give you access >w<



:target: Sorry I got busy last year with some works and some stuff, now I am working again on the groups,

:heart: The Tickets are avaible now

:icondf-silverticket: With this one you will be able to submit 1 work a day with instant aprove
:icondf-goldticket: With this one you will be able to submit unlimited with instant aprove

:target: to obtain your ticket, just ask for it, tickets are given to certain artists only, but try asking for one in a note ^w^
(note me :iconsrgrafo: instead of the groups for a faster response,

:snowflake: if you earn one of this tickets, you will have access in all of the 4 groups

:earth: Why is my deviantation never accepted? :earth:

remember that in this groups, deviantations are not declined they are just not accepted, this cause I sit and watch all the submitions and is a faster way to see them and accept some instead of pressing the button each time

Also (I know this for experience), whenever I decline a deviantation, the user inmediatly get space and start submiting tons of works again, when not declining the user needs to wait until the deviantation expires to submit again.

If you have concerns about this system feel free to note me ^^ (there is a light chance that its a good work and I dont accept it cause I get busy with life, but even if it expires and its a good work, I will contact you personally as soon I see it >w</ ))
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Tundrea28 Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2015
This is a cool group and all, but I think I'll be taking my leave. The way things are run here are horrendously weird. The whole point of a group is to give exposure to up and coming new artists in the respective areas. You could of just made a featured folder instead of hurting the motivation of countless artists by telling them their work is "unfinished" which is insanely far from true. 
Hidden by Owner
SrGrafo Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Doesnt have anything with the rules, your submission didnt pass the quality level to enter the group, most of the times this is obvious but since you wanted me to tell you I am telling you, your work didnt pass the quality level needed to be in the group and by the look of your works it wont enter cause you have a more cartoonish style when this group focus on anime style.
Hidden by Owner
SrGrafo Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Well then put it in the rules and make a public announcement about the change to avoid confusion

IT IS in the rules, take a minut to read that again
and there is no confusion, the only people that was confused its the one that cant handle a "no you didnt get a ticket" and they start being so ridiculous and pointing things that jezz...

I remember when this group was actually ran fairly
I am really sorry if was fairly to you in the past, cause there was even photos of pillows in the "featured folder" before I got the group, there was sketches and random things, and at the bottom of the pile of random things, a really worker deviantation, totally forgotten cause people wanted a group where they could just be able to throw stuff everyday, sorry but I am against that, I rather give to certain artist the spotlight they deserve instead of ... photos of pillows (not even anime pillows, fucking empty pillows)

I could understand the criteria if it was plainly stated, but when there are ABSOLUTELY no written rules about it, it makes the group look bad and you like a prick
its just up there in the journal, in the :earth: part, quite simple and clear, and I couldnt care less if the public I am not aiming for think I am a prick, I just cant care sorry, I am making all of this for the artist that deserve the spotlight.

I saw how you handled the person who asked about a piece that was obviously high quality
Go ahead, show me, show me how I am an total ass before that person starts being a total ass, show me the point, cause its really funny and hipocrite, when someone comes like "hey fucking tell me why my thing is not accepted" and I have to be polite and awnser, and then this person its like "damn you were an ass"... seriously? is just... I cant even...

if I wouldve reply to you with the same cortesy you ask me, it wouldve be like

"because your fucking work its a piece of shit so fuck off" but again, na I rather be polite, even when some people is not, and even know I am taking my time to explain you something that I could just ignore cause its written in the rules up there, and I am like 99% you wont get and in your next reply you would be even more rude but again, its not a big surprise to me.

you were a total ass
and people is never an ass, customer its always right, absolutly.

Is the group's focus on anime because you draw anime?
yeah, why would I manage a group about other style where I have no knowledge and wouldnt be the right person to say "yes this have quality" "no this doesnt" I thought that was blastly logical and obvious but, well if you ask thats the obvious reply...
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MikomiKisomi Featured By Owner Edited Jul 24, 2014  Student Digital Artist
My submissions keep expiring. Leaving for now, though I might join again if this group actually decides to stay active...

I know it says you "never decline submissions" which is kinda weird, though it doesn't say why you don't accept them...
SrGrafo Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2014  Student Digital Artist
if your submitions expire its cause the are not completely finished to be in the group, I really hate to make this kind of comments cause people is always like

"oh how dare you! dont say that about my art! thats a lie!!"

but well hope to get a mature awnser, the main reason your works are not accepted its cause you need to improve your anatomy, in one hand your coloring its good but most of your works lack on anatomy.

dont get mad or anything, its just a contructive criticism and seems that you will get to a better anatomy soon.

thks for reading.
MikomiKisomi Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I get what you are saying, but this was one of the submissions that I put in that expired: By all means if you think that's unfinished or if the anatomy is completely terrible, tell me.

Instead of just declining submissions without giving an answer and then saying "well the anatomy is bad", why don't you actually give some critiques? Why don't you say "the hand over ___ needs to be a bit longer while the ____ arm needs to be closer to the body", etc. That would be so much more helpful than just saying "you need to work on anatomy". If I don't know what to work on, then how will I improve?

I am always open to learning how to improve, but telling me I need to improve isn't going to help me if you don't give out any pointers on what I'm doing wrong. You get what I'm saying?
SrGrafo Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I do get what you say, and again your coloring is good but there are anatomy flaws, the most noticeable are in the hands, less noticeables are in the eyes, also clothes and background feels slightly unfinished to me (being super detailed with the critic here and sorry for the english mistakes)

and about "why dont you tell everyone?"

I would, really I would and try to help with the little knowledge I have but, there is close to 200 submitions per day, and that only in one group, I manage 5 groups, the math its simple, now I take a couple of seconds to see a work, would be a lie to say I take 5-10 mins, I look at a deviantation look the composition, if its good its accepted if it has a flaw I move to the next, doing that still takes me a lot of time checking the deviantations, pressing the "decline button" will not only give more seconds (that turn into hours later) to the time and for what? 

after being administrating groups for a while people do this
"your deviantation has been declined"
*not read, submit again other things and also to several more groups*

most of the times its pointless cause people keep submiting just like that, instead by not pressing that button if the deviantation its not accepted that person has to wait 1 month before submitting again, and in 1 month you can improve a lot if you practice its a good time for the people that didnt had their submition aproved to show something better next.

why being such a douchbag and do that? well when I received the groups (and I am not gonna lie about this) there was a pillow, a f* pillow, in featured, there was random sketches, 80% of colored naruto manga pages, screenshots of games, random things made with damuro, and at the bottom really in the middle of tons of that, I saw this  or this and I am not saying your work its a pillow, (I swear of god there was a pillow)

but after seeing that there was only one thing in my mind, "how is posible that this things cover the 80-90% of the group folder, and right in the bottom or really lost there are those works? sounds incredible unfair to me, thats why I removed everything and start the new system of not declining and also only accepting quality works, so those artists get the right exposure.

ya, wont deny, I sound like an asshole in may angles by doing this, but I got notes, most of the artists that have priviledges in the groups and they say thanks, and that their works get lost in other things groups tend to show in deviantart, and thats better I feel like helping those artists with my little brick

and again, not saying your works are bad, they just need a little more work to be really finished, I cant tell every artist a reason cause I get thousands and I have a life so spending 2-3 hours a day to the groups its the max amount of time I can give.

damn this is the longest reply I did in the month, hope you understand the reason.
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